Rooster Day

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When I started Mr. Rooster he was supposed to be a fast made Fall Fair themed decor art for my booth at the 2011 Bulkley Valley Fall Fair.

It was a really fun event and one that I'd sure like to do again. I was busy trying my interest at selling organic 100% cotton. And it does contain some awesome photo's of the whole booth for your interest by going to the post published back in 2011.

This summer Rooster I See You gained more attention and I decided that I didn't like it that this poor rooster had no neck and background.

I began fusing feathers of all free form simply hand drawn feather shapes onto various similarly colored prints.

This is where I've got so far today.

I think he looks alot better and I'm dreaming up a Fall Fair themed background maybe. I'm not sure so if you have ideas, please share them in a comment.

Happy Quilting everyone.

Publishing Online Series- Meet Amanda Hocking

Monday, October 5, 2015

If you are blogging, you are already a publisher, you can decide to click on "Reply or Delete" to any comment, you can purchase your own template, you can even sell things from your blog or you can end your entire blog. Simple!

Its all up to you. Publishing your own e-book is just like that, you make all the decisions. You take the risk of putting yourself and your work out there and so I'm not scared of e-publishing.

Let's take a look at some of the most enterprising quilters out there, for instance Debbie Mumm started out working in a sewing shop in WA.

This image is one of her free desktop images you can download.

Debbie Mumm started her own licensing and publishing company that built her extremely popular brand. For more on how she did it, you can find the official statement of her story at this web address. Its a good read!

Publishing online with an e-book or e-magazine is not new thinking. Its been growing in popularity for several years now and with the sheer cost of printing its driven e-book publishing into main stream. With the special consideration of tablets and Kindle. Look out!

According to who wrote the article for

10 Truths About Self-Publishing for Entrepreneurs With a Book Idea

 writes "It’s estimated that Amazon has earned $5.25 billion from eBooks so far this year, according to George Parker in The New Yorker. For entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to add income to your business." 

Your time, effort and expertise that you bring to the publishing table can't ignored. And your time, effort and expertise is worth something and you know it. You'd like to be acknowledged for it, right?

For many of us, who have quilted for ions, we think we are 'just' quilters, but really we're artists, designers and manufacturers. And strnage but true, this lends itself to not really believing we are worth it. 

I'm not thinking I'm the best of the best and I deserve to become super successful. But I do know this, my work is unique, its something new in the world of crazy quilting and that is saying alot.

I began thinking about self publishing back in 2005 but didn't really know what that would look like, so I delayed. In 2010 I began researching e-book publishing in earnest and decided that it just wasn't the right time.

Fiction writers apparantly are very happy about the growth and opportunity for e-book publishing. Romance to sci-fi authors have out of print books that are just books they wrote and now sit on a shelf at home. Every author knows that all books can become a bread winner again by e-publishing. Maybe their books were well read in the 1980's for instance and they can brush the dust off an oldie but a goodie and start earning money again from a e-publishing opportunity again.

This garage sale is where out of print and obsolete books end up. 

 I'm going to leave you with this interesting article I found online about one frustrated author who was tired of rejection letters and simply wanted to go to a Muppets exhibition.

Meet Amanda Hocking   But first, leave me a comment and let me know you are enjoying the walk along the e-book publishing path? Is there a burning question you've got?

Special thanks to and

Thank you for reading this long post!

Free Blog Template

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some of you have noticed my new template at this blog, right?

Some of you have left me encouraging comments about it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dutch Lady Designs is the perfect companion techy who can take your ideas and make them happed digitally. I think that there are many templates to be had out there, but can your trust that they know their stuff?

I turst Daphne the brain behind this wonderful blog template designer and she is hosting another great giveaway.

Silver and Gold is a free template that is classy and I'm kinda thinking about it. Your blog template is free and so is this professional made blog template. You can count on it having the meticulous care given that I know Daphne does with all her work. She also offers to install these freebies for a nominal charge and I don't earn anything for promoting her site.

I love the free digital items that Dutch Lady Designs has on her site and these feathers are some of the work that is also free. Daphne is also giving a 20% discount on her products as well. 

I encourage you to pop over and check out her stuff. My whole new template, signature and a few other secret items were made and it cost me under $50 CAD.

Happy Quilting

Publishing Online Series - Consider Yourself as Marketable

Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome to the "growing in popularity" post on self publishing, digital publishing or whatever you'd call designing and selling your own book online.

I'd been trying to figure this out for several years now and I've signed up for more information on many sites. That's because there are a variety, some have tools free and others charge for using their tools.

Each online digital publisher is set up differently and may not be my "Mister Right" for your publishing online quest. So be aware!

This fun clock full tutorial is found at Distant Pickles!

For me it started back in 1999, when listening to the various clocks ticking over into the new year 2000, I reflected the 'what if's" in my life that had contributed to my own personal and career success. In 1999, the excitement and fear over this magnanimus change to dates, online dates, mechanical dates and whether they would just tick tock over to the New Era was real. I reflected the "what if" of my life and whether my grandchild still unborn would come to know their Grandmother Caroline for who she really was and the start of my publishing attempts.

Failed the first attempt which I eluded to in this post "Writing a Book"

Alot has happened since 2000 and now 15 years later, its a much easier discussion around who does what and can anyone publish online? From this standpoint these your own conciderations need a little leg up and this is my goal of posting all about my own process. 

Our sons are amazing people who are in our life as much as they want to be in our life, which is often. Anyway, Paul said " Mom, do you know that you have 1.2 million views on Google + page?" I was dumbfounded for a moment. I answered " My Google + what?" He took out his cell phone and went directly to my Google + page and sure enough that was the number of views at the time. 

All I did to earn this was to add the Google + link with your blog, its that simple. I did connect back in 2008. That is one tiny example of self publishing. So is  your blog that you write faithfully each week or each day. So if you are blogging, you are already publishing, its just given away free. And if you are happy with that, then continue blogging!

Some people think its a drag to have so many different places that we post and this is true if you are just a happy quilter without an acheivement to make.

Some people don't want that broad a brush of attention that Google + paints!

Here's a a link to Caroline Heinrichs' Google +Page. Blogs at Good Earth Quilting

Here's a link to Christine Barnsley's Google + Page. Blogs at Patchwork Allsorts

Now, there is the question of how much is too much. Well, in my opinion, there is no such thing when it comes to self marketing. Self marketing is about you saving money and still marketing yourself, your skills and perhaps even your products.

If you feel that you've got something to say, then feel free to print off this list from this PDf and work through your questions and answers at your leisure.

Consider Yourself As Marketable?

  1. Do you feel you are physically and emotionally up to this job of online publishing?
  2. Do you have something unique to add to digital publishing?
  3. Are you able to justify the time it takes to really produce a quality product for sale?
  4. Are you willing to put yourself and your ideas on stage in the digital downloadable marketplace?
  5. Are you able to move through possible rejection if you don't succeed?
  6. Are you able to move towards the attention this may give you?
I know this might sound daunting, but if you have something marketable to say, then I strongly suggest you print off the PDF link above I've included for you and grab a cup of jo and really think about the questions and the answers.

This is part of my publishing experience that I'm sharing with you all. I love to empower others to be creative and go forth and spread those seeds of love.

Happy Quilting People!

Pretty Petals- A Finish!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I must admit that when I saw this little pattern in the Quiltmania magazine that originates from France, I was leary. The designer is Maria Tamaoka for Pinwheels and I wan't sure if my North American skills could match the Japanese author who created this patchwork.

I went my own way like many quilters who want to create something lovely that is very much their own style from any given pattern. I really enjoyed this Pretty Petals Quilt.

And par for the course, I needed to 'see' more embroidery thread and decided a Blanket Stitch was in order.

I thought you'd like to see my fishing tackle box repurposed to my portable thread holder, my hubby stills laughs about this one. 

I find it a little cramped, its not ideal and would love to have any suggestions?

I take all my hand work projects when I travel or even just go fishing. Its a neat way to work on projects when not at home and meet new people!

This mini quilt started taking on a finished look, the green repurposed fabric on the inner border told me it wasn't ready. 

I got brave and decided to use some premade HST's that had been sitting around in a little box for the next border.

I went searching in my stash and came up with the "Lorax" organic cotton fabric in green which sets off the whole quilt don't think?

Quilt Stats:

37 1/2 x 24 1/4 inches

Organic 100% Cotton in "The Lorax" collection from Robert Kaufman on the outer border and backing
100% cotton scraps from my stash
Premade HST from various UFO's which just happened to work out
Warm and Natural Light batting
Machine Quilted at home

And then, I have wonderful news, I'm moving into new larger space and that means my quilting book is going to be a little behind, but still shooting for an early December release.

As you can see, I've got work to do to move things out of the former music room and get organized before snow flies!

Made With Love By The Dutch Lady Designs