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Saturday, February 28, 2015

crazy quilt fabric choices

I choose fabrics which are often not a solid color. Alternately, I rarely choose cotton fabrics.

Rarely, do a use a color theme or try to keep my fabric color choices in a set pallet.

As you can see I choose wild choices!

Let me explain, I see blends, texture and tone all at once.

I love the different shapes and lines of this photo.

And I celebrate like this happy buda!

Such as this shock of expression in this rayon fabric from my various bags of stash materials that make me drool every time I see it.

I am always organized and ready to be portable.

So I'm super busy on commissions right now and can't share much of it as I always keep the full on shots for after the commission has been delivered and loved.

In this case, the mad picking of stitches is not going to go live on this blog until after the 12 of April.

So yes, Peg, I'll be posting the full post after the Easter sometime.

But as usual, I'll need several hand work projects ready for all the fishing and camping I plan on doing this coming summer.

Happy Quilting.

And just because I love a giveaway, here's a tiny little reminder of the cute giveaway going on over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

All best quilters!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sigh of relief...

I encourage anyone to have a photo transfer done for an upcoming quilt, Its so easy and I prefer to use a professional embroidery company or sometimes, its a dry cleaner or others.

Photo transfers when done properly by a reputable company is a great way to share photos in a quilt. But if the company doesn't use inks that are NOT water soluble, then they will run into your quilt.

So when I get up north again, I'll be going back to this company who has cost me 17 hrs of unpicking on a commission project.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief after the nasty offending playing cards that are made from regular ink and water soluble OUT of my flimsey. I'm recreating a poker table including cards, chips and Royal Flush, I discovered the offending ink well into this quilt. And so the rule of the day, check your photo transfers for water solubility.

I'm really enjoying the Rail Fence Blocks that Sujata Shah has written about in her new book "Cultural Fusion Quilts" I totally recommend it.

But this bring up the question. 

Have you been in the middle of something like this and needed to stop and pick out the stitches? I'd love to hear from others on what it was and how you handled it, I'm sure that my readers would love to read those interesting comments as well.

All the best readers, off to continue loving the process of not picking out stitches.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cool idea! Patterns Anyone?

I just found this blogger Hibiscus Stitches and was poking around with her pages and I found this page of surprises.

This blogger has a bundle of really cute patterns from single patterns to a book as well.

I have found this great pattern in the Quilts magazine Jan/Feb 2015.

You must check it out. Click on the link below. Enjoy, Carli


Monday, February 23, 2015

Problem Fabric Transfer

When doing photo transfers, I usually have no issues and even years later the transferred photos are beautiful.

At first, my anxiety was huge, worrying how the heck I'd ever make it look like the new quality it started with, but thankfully, my son talked me down to a normal level of anxiety. You know just the kind of anxiety felt when you're in the middle of big project and something goes wrong. So this is the problem.

In this photo below, the red color from previously sewn on playing cards ran into the white fabric from several drops of water. Its shaded and looks worse than it is in this photo, but the local photo transfer business was not at fault, it was the company I used in Smithers that had obviously forgotten that my playing cards transfer MUST be properly water proof and of an excellent quality for my commission.

I have my work cut out for me now!

I've been slowly but surely hand extracting the tiny stitches around each one of the playing card layouts from the flimsey!

Wow, I must admit I was slightly put off and swore a few times as well, as this is hours of work to undo.

Next time, for me, I'm going to get one extra transfer done just so I can put it into a glass of water to determine myself that the proper work was done.

Wish me luck, 5 more playing cards to extract!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pretty Flowers Sprouting

I'm so busy right now, I just had to start a relaxing project. And Karen over at Fairies and Fibres has been blogging away wooing my little brain into the idea of another Hexie quilt. Its been only about a decade since the last one and so I guess, its time.

Plus, spring time and summer for me are very hard to stick to a sewing machine. I can take my portable project just about anywhere.

I brought these half done, lonely little rabble rowsers of my last Hexie project which hit the dust a decade ago. So here there are and now they lay in waiting of the plan.

Thank goodness I can find Hexie paper here in Victoria.

I think I brought them along with me to maybe link up to this lovely star.

Now, I'm so lucky to have found some awesome gals  out there who are aficionado's at Hexie design and making that I'm just on top of the world.

The second person who is doing some awesome work out there is Mickey Dupre.

Now, this artist is so helpful, gosh, I can't say enough, between these two ladies, I'm into it again and with so much to learn. Its a wonderful thing to learn new things and on Mickey's website, she has this page called PDF Page. Well, I thought I'd gone to heaven with her free tutes on many of the areas she works in daily. You must check it out.

I'd like to include the free tutorial from Mickey's page of Pieced Hexies Star-Winnie into the new piece which is a special gift for someone.

Its the first time I'm learning how to piece the Hexie's before I stitch them together so its very exciting.

I'm linking up with the lovely Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation who hosts a Needle and Thread Thursday linky party and by the way, just visiting over at her blog, I lost track of time looking at the great new quilters out there to meet!

So I'm warning you, its irresistible to not check out the many, many lovely quilts being made.

My Quilt Infatuation

And we're not done yet, please do check out the following folks who inspire me.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rail Fence Scramble

I'm love cutting, piecing and sewing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

goodearthmodern blog is live

Now, I know that some of my readers are following me because I like to play around in the new genre of "Modern Quilting" and that is fine to follow me here, but I've developed a sister blog that really spells out my commitment to this new genre.

So, for those of you who are wanting to read about and see what my paticular version of modern quilting is all, I welcome you to follow the link listed in this post to visit and see what's happening there.

This cute little table runner is all about modern. Its a new take on an old theme and its got a solid amount of negative space. 

Please visit my sister blog goodearthmodern

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cultural Blocks

Lots of beautiful blocks are happening in my temporary studio, akay my son's office. Here are just a few that are going into a memorial quilt. These are the pattern blocks from "Cultural Fusion-Aelting Pot of Piecing Traditions" by Sujata Shah.

Sujata's Joy

When I purchased Sujata Shah's book "Cultural Fusion Quilts-A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions" I was thrilled to own a book from a fellow blogger who I'd been following for several years.

I have decided to add a bunch of these Rail Fence blocks into an upcoming T-shirt quilt. Stat tuned
Happy Quilting from Carli's Winter Studio

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quilting in stitches one by one...

Some have described my quilting as eclectic, artistic and re-purposed to new heights. This "look"that I have is mine. It really describes me as a person. Broad shouldered I stand with my heart on my sleeve as my nimble fingers move across the fabric. Stitches pop up wherever the needle surfaces. New interpretations of stitches evolve as I do.

Stitches made across the fabric surface is my mindfulness and focus. Creativity swirls in my mind and comes out in stitches. Its interesting to see the "back side"of this piece.

Happy Quilting