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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crazy Quilting from Blog Land

Just because I cannot do embroidery, knitting or spending too much time on my computer, my son said, "Mom, just profile others for a while, so you  can heal and still keep your blog busy and interesting,  you know?" I'm blessed with sons who love their mamma !

So I went checking up on all my hundreds of bloggers that I follow and look what I found?

First up is my friend in Europe. Lin Tarrant is a crazy quilter and she recently posted about her odds and ends and look at this photo! 

Now, I found the Instructibles.com site some time ago and when I searched for crazy quilting, alot comes up as you can imagine, so I chose for you a new person to my attention, Abbyholverson made a lovely tutorial on the Instructibles site, this is the finish, its so easy, strips are used and its a great way to get started.

Picture of How to sew an easy Crazy Quilt block

And of course, if you'd like to check out my own version of making a crazy quilt block, then you'd best pop over to my link on Crazy Quilting in the Raw.

Thank you for reading and seeing what is going on while I'm not creating.

LOL, Carli

Friday, July 18, 2014

Taking a break

Hello my faithful followers, I'm writing today with both hands in wrist braces. I've come down with a major carpel tunnel attack. So what can I do with that going on? 

I must take a break. It will give me time to sit back and reflect on my quilting life and writing a blog. I've got some new ideas that I think others will appreciate and that all takes time to prepare for and new links for anyone doing a few projects.

So take care over the summer and I'll start writing more interesting posts in September. Have a great summer!

I'll be spending some time camping here!

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Garden is blooming Hexagon's!

At our home, the Bleeding Heart is in bloom.

We have two gardens, one in the lower garden which shows you the garden development and most of this went in the ground on May 18th Canadian Long Weekend. This photo shows the garden early into the growing season of the fabulous Northern valley. In our area, we can get an overnight rare frost so, we keep cloches and veggie covers handy. 

Our front garden has another little growing climate all its own, dryer soil and has had lots of previous years composted chicken manure. This year not any other than a slight covering of compost on the strawberries patch in the heavy green leafed area to the right of this photo is our strawberries patch.

My husband is notoriously camera shy, shows only his moccasin-ed feet and blue pants at the top of the screen below. We are very happy to be back gardening, even though you need to have bug dope on most days until around the beginning of July, then its almost a rare occurrence, so don't worry if you travel through July through July and September, bug season is May and June.

Its clear to me that rhubarb and strawberry's are buddies and like to live together in our region.

My greenhouse is very exciting for our tomato's and they are growing so fast. I've got a flower on my only green pepper we are trying out. We have a very primitive method of opening up the ceiling and at the bottom of both ends of this greenhouse. But its working so far!!

This new greenhouse is an excellent way to adapt an retired chicken coop to a new life. 

 Then in all of these happenings, my back has become a "rest-time, sitting for a spell kind of activity base." I am refreshed and can go again sometimes. Sometimes, my back isn't ready to start moving around again. So, I stitch!

I am so glad that I know how to move from one activity based quilting construction to another kind, one that is reduced standing and reduced walking. This is my life and while I'm  not one to " sit around and cry about things, I can sit around and quilt a round, you know?"

This quilt is not my work at this stage you see here. I paid $25 for this quilt several years ago on EBay. It is 132 inches long and 86 inches wide. Its not your average  bed quilt length, unless the maker was making it for a bed, where she would fold under a portion of the bed covering under the pillows maybe or for a custom sized bed or maybe for some other reason altogether, we'll never know.

I posted about making Hexie templates and English Paper Piecing so you can get the idea of how much time this must have taken the maker and why its unusual size?

I posted "What's on my bed" and showed this hexagon cheddar and brown quilt, quite dated in colors with the wild, bold expression of the early 1970's this quilter made this whole quilt over several decades I believe. I have examined this quilt, hexie by hexie as I took the entire quilt apart!

 This cheddar orange reminds me of our two  little boys and camping in our old VW Camper Van.

Yes, I literally took the whole quilt apart, stitch by stitch, it started and slowly I began seeing the brown yarn that the finisher used to tie the quilt when it was put together. I patiently cut each single yarn which tells me again that the finisher knew less about quilting than the maker. 

This is the mystery of it all, I suspect that the Hexie Flower maker was an experienced but getting on in age quilter, who passed away. The finisher was a beginner in quilting, but eager to start with simple stitching and it was quite an accomplishment for this finisher to have done this. The sheer size is daunting to me, let alone a newbie who inherited this.

On my backyard washing line, I air dried the top and back, being muslin, it was in fairly good condition. I filled the bath tub with warm soapy water and immersed the quilt top in it, soaking and massaging the quilt in the water for 6  hours, then slowly pushed out the water, hanging outside for extra freshening. I intend to re-purpose both top and back, I'll keep you posted.

The stitches are inconsistant, being quite steady and even in stitching with the start of the huge project, with changing to unsettled stitching as the quilt was constructed together. 

I know for sure two people of different skill level put this together. I wonder who they were and how old this quilt actually is? Goes anyone recognize this quilt or the heavier cotton twill that the brown and orange are?

Removed the lightwieght and pieced batting from this lovely and will give both a great new home.

Thanks for the new followers who have decided they like what I write about and thanks for reading on this on July 4th, way to go for taking some time for your blogger friends posts.

Thanks so much and Happy July 4th!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Louisa Quilts: A Quilt for Canada Day

Louisa is a former teacher and good friend and this gorgeous "O Canada Day' Quilt is in celebration of our upcoming July 1 Canada Day. 

I've still wondering who is going to be the first blogger to pop into Nathan Cullen's office in the House of Parliament  in Ottawa to take a selfie with my "O Canada " quilt that is a crazy quilt. Good Luck,something special goes out to each and every one of you who do this, the challenge is on!

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Women's Institute Secret Friends

I heard a knock on the door and we live rural, so when it happens and it surprises you, its rate. My WI friend Judy greeted me on the other side of our riverside cabin screen door. Smiling, she announced she was delivering a birthday present to my door from my QWI Secret Friends.

This  beautiful bundle arrived wrapped in this colorful fabric wrap and its such a vibrant color group, its simply happy! I wondered what was inside. It took me by surprise and darn it, that is the idea of our rural women's club's way of bonding. Its total fun!

These colorful wraps are made by a collective of rural Indian women who work hard and dream  big! The not-for-profit organization is self-funded social enterprise that promotes income for the collective of disadvantaged communities.

The following statements is copied from the web site of 

re-wrap Takka Stitching

I am happy to find collectives that need more exposure when the core value is helping disadvantaged women anywhere. My blog supports reuse in quilting and opening eyes to the possibilities! 

I really actively want to share, so if you know of a great collective in textiles, women's economic development, please let me know?

Also, wrapped up is this beautiful hummingbird from Crystal Temptations of Sprectra Swarovski Crystal in the little 24 K. Gold Plated Hummingbird. So sweet! :)

Along with a pretty, girly card with wished from my Secret Friend! 

Then comes the totally yummy brownies, these are the first brownies to eat in 3 years since I was forced to go Gluten Free, but not anymore, so these will be enjoyed over many days. Thank you secret friend!! :)

This is the best birthday I've had since our large family union/family gathering for my 50th birthday!

Then the scrapbook style book " Make Spectacular Books" came into my hands as well. Wow, I'm so touched and what a wonderful gift. I have so much to be grateful for and my day ended with a hilarious version of "Happy Birthday" from some more friends who hung up before I could ask who it was! 

This birthday without a doubt is and incredible memory. So rich is our lives, where we live in such a prosperous country, I am a lucky girl!

Happy Quilting from Carli

Blues Three Hour Table Runner

We all love fast table runners and recently I decided to make up one of these fast runners. I mean fast! In fact I posted about this fast little runner in several older posts. So just to be familiar with how to get started, this is what you need.

1.   Start with 5 fat quarters, one the focus fabric, 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.

Or in colors for an Arctic landscape as this mix of colors!!

Using this same technique I made this awesome throw.

My friend Anne became excited with quilting, then life suggested a different turn and so Anne asked me to make her a table runner from her fabrics and so this is the where the Blues Three Hour Table Runner came to be.

I used Anne's fabrics.

If you want to make one of my Two Hour Table Runner, but before you link up, please read on as I've learned a few more things about this technique that you'd value.

I totally hate picking out a seam, UGH! But I do this on this block because its really easy to get confused and loose the placing of the strips, then you'll have to pick out stitches.

When you have followed along with the tutorial, this is the way that I figure out which is the largest 5 blocks you'll get from this exercise. So I square up one side and then make a cut to trim off the excess.

If your blocks come together in such a way that a large block is possible, then I use my 3.5 in. by 24 in, rectangle ruler to help out the big 16 in. square I use. I make a another cut to get all square up and do this around all sides.

On these blocks today I made another discovery and did one clear slice off set from the center or any way you like it, but just one and see what happens?
 This table runner is cool, soothing blue color prints is almost done, see you soon when this is done! Then onto the skirt for Anne, thank goodness Anne I found the pattern!!

Happy Quilting from Carli

Friday, June 20, 2014

Denim in Log Cabin Blocks

Well, I'm working between outside in the garden and taking the time to rest my back in between. But sometimes its just as good to sit and stitch, this is what I'm working on for hand stitching and catching up on a few projects for friends.

I am always looking for ways to reuse clothing or otherwise fabrics. I know some of you don't think its right to call "USED' cloth fabric. But I'm a free thinker and well, I'm writing this blog so everyone can enjoy working in reuse and this is one of my latest portable projects.

This is my little "lap pad" that I was given years and years ago and so its kind of crumpled now.

I once had a wonderful lady who was a champion hand quilter tell me that to be a really good  hand quilter, you must also hand stitch. Her theory was that the more hand stitching you do, the more you hand remembers the memory of rocking the stitches across the seam. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but its what I do to keep on doing both.

This photo above show the machine stitched log cabins that are coming along as well.

Plus, I promised Anne her bag and I must confess to you Anne, that I've somehow lost your skirt pattern. Please forgive me, I don't know where it is, but I've searched and I've still not found it, so please call me?

These blue squares for your bag, so I'm showing the rest, it is more fun to have it be a surprise.

This is my gal pals over at the Quick Women's Institute, we met at one of our members home, who has an awesome garden!!

Take care and do call me Anne?


Monday, June 16, 2014

Cora's Quilts- Spring Quilt Along

Yes, I decided to join another "Quilt Along" after having such a great time with "Midnight Over The Oasis" by Jen Kingwell from Australia.

Midnight at the Oasis Quilt Pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs

and my version turned out like this and its finally made it to my pile of "MUST QUILT"

I stopped a wee bit earlier than others but it was a great way to participate with a quilt along.

Cora's Quilts is doing a fun quilt along, mind you, I'm late joining up, but its fun to go at your own pace and the block patterns and finishing the quilt will be up for longer than the July date which ends the quilt along.

I was looking around for a sampler because I've not done a sampler and this cannot go on. I am in and so can you, if its up your alley.

I'm busy today while waiting to help out my hubby on our new greenhouse and potting shed.

Keep on quilting and thanks so much for hanging out and reading about the unfortunate shop that I won't be shopping in ever again. It was a very popular post.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

You can't sell a photocopy of someone's quilt pattern!!

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I've known for a long time that the many quilters I know wantonly photo copy patterns from magazines. 
Some even photo copy a whole pattern from a paper purchase and her friend gladly allowed her or him to do so. 

This practice has always eked me. I even see it going on with plagiarizing of some online work! I think that maybe I'll have my own work plagiarized like this if I teach at her shop? I'd by pissed big time if I knew that had happened to my work. Wouldn't you?

Am I alone in this feeling of giving the author the credit if using someone else's pattern?

This is my lovely "Medusa's Hair" quilt. I made in the mid 1990's and was learning how to work with curves. It holds a ton of memories, it even contains some fabric from my maternity shirts. 

I don't get it? Why is this still going on? I even hear of the odd class being taught by a photocopy of a pattern. But recently my jaw dropped when I heard of a northern BC shop, not far from my home actually, who sold a photocopied "pattern" from a magazine! 

Yep I know you are aghast right? I couldn't believe it and this came from a  beginner quilter. She didn't know any difference, she thought it strange, but didn't say anything. She asked me if it was OK, I was stunned. 

I explained this "OLD" history of quilters doing this and that its not right. Each pattern or work is copyright protected by the author and can only be sold or made over by the new purchase of the same magazine or by the actual hard copy pattern.

Let me know what you think? I just can't believe I heard that!!

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts today as this is my Friday post!

 I'm on a rant, please let me know your opinion on this practice of plagiarizing other designers work?

Take care everyone, have a lovely weekend! I'm helping my hubby construct a cool and easy to do new greenhouse. I'm shooting photos today for the post I'm working on if you want to make a fast and easy greenhouse too!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Afternoon Fun in the Studio

Bags are really fun to make and I've got a few on the go in my studio. I'm preparing for some shows for the summer at various festivals in B.C. A friend called and needed some help with a bag she is making, so we got together and quilted!!

This is what I call the All Round Great Bag and I'm writing up a bag tute for you in a later post.

Myrtle has picked out some awesome colors! And I made my first rhubarb crumb bars in 3 years. Now that I'm not limited to gluten free foods, the door has opened again to some awesome family recipes. More on why I'm not gluten free anymore in another post.

The recipe below.

As our sewing day whined down, I caught some awesome evening photos of my flowers and lilacs.

Then later on I visited another friend of mine and we made cute garden aprons from donated upholstery fabrics.

I sat down last evening to start on my some great jean bags and found this nice surprise in a pocket.

I checked and its worth something like $8.46 in Mexican currency!

That's all for today's post, more on why I'm not gluten free anymore and the flowers of old friends home at our last Women's Institute meeting. Take care, thanks so much for reading my blog posts and we'll be talked again soon.

Just for fun, I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network and my crochet blogger that is a great one to follow, Oombacka Design Crochet.

All the best fun quilting,