Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's been happening to my quilting...

Its been a long road to the hand embroiderer I've become. Its like having a bug bite and all you can do is to to itch it!

While at first it might seem that my spark may have left town with this block. It came out of me when I was in a very dark period of my life. I'd been taken out of the work force due to health issues. It was a long journey of multiple trips away from home to doctors appt's and the like. I needed something to stitch on and I was just not in the right mood for my usual very bold color combinations. So this was the birth of this block I called it "Dark Journey"

I was torn with what to do, do I continue to blog about my work in stitches? Was I going to be able to return to work at some point in the future? Was I ever going to walk again?

You can see the images I had in my mind at the time when "Dark Journey" was born? 

But I was filled with a  home of wonderous projects some finished and some not. I had lots of positive images to reflect and dream about doing again.

And I had my sweetie, Mr. Good Earth Quilting who held my hand and drove me all over the province while I slept in the car seat beside him.

And I did have projects to finish. Thank goodness for that!!

A few orders started to trickle in and yet, it was anti-climatic! I wasn't sure where the heck I was going??

I am resilient and did face the ""Dark Journey" down to succumb to my adept fingers who insisted there had to be something fun inside!! Its still in progress!

I did chase the "Dark Journey" into a corner with the inspired winter scene below.

I have a set of wonderful sons and now wonderful girlfriends!

The winter scene began to take me by the hand in the way only a good stitching will do and heal my broken spirit.

I met new friends in Glen Vowel who loved to quilt too!

Slowly, my spirit returned and I began the life I was meant to do, to be who I really am, with or without pain. I learned that coping is not making do. I gathered some really good advice from others who are coping with chronic pain. And my butterfly wings were shown to me by the precious Mother Earth who sent me not one, but two hummingbirds to my hand!! Of course, you'll just have to take my word on that!!

Just saying that not everything that is inspired is in the form of a quilt. All the bloggers in China can't bring the spirit back to my eyes and hands, its the healing of acceptance and renewal.

Just wanted all my readers to know and understand that my crazy quilting has not died. Its just taken another path, a path more trodden by those who care to reach out and ask those that are unseen, only felt as the wind blows against your face or a hummingbird lands on your hand, its all the natural raw ways of life in this beautiful blue planet that we live on, gives us every day.

And while I'm at it, today does seem to be a day of letting you all know certain things about me life. I am back at quilting, just doing it with acceptance of my limitations, while getting chiropractic assistance and standing tall again.

Happy Life and Inspiration,

Carli The Quilter

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Denim Hourglass Finish

It was a hard choice to make, deciding to go with Hourglass Baby Quilt pattern done with Sujata Shah's versions of craziness in piecing. I've used her book, Cultural Fusion Quilts- A Melting Pot of Traditions. I totally recommend it if you are looking for a way to make your own original looking quilt.

This book is to provide quilters with reasonable guidelines for those wanting to explore playing with fabric.

This baby quilt is by far the most interesting version of a baby quilt in my opinion. I'm always seeking something inspiring in a pattern. I see lots of new versions of blocks from this book which anyone can play with and it will not look just like Sujata's, it will be your own.

I chose to use lightweight denim with 100% cotton prints from Dr. Suess collection from Robert Koffman

I love the free spirited way these blocks go together and hoping that my family will like its modern way.

This little quilt was hand quilted with #5 Perle Cotton thread in white. I outlined each denim and navy cotton fabric and quilted one single line of stitches around the border.

The backing is an additional Dr. Suess print, very kid enthused!

Ta da, this is Burkley's Baby Quilt.

I'll be mailing this off to my grand nephew this next week. 

Coming up next is my Dresden Plate Block UFO.

Happy Quilting everyone and today I'm linking up with SewDarnCrafty

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Country Quilt Show and Links

Rusty has that look on her face, she is telling me she wants to come along too!
 So I gave in and she came along. 

Its very small and if you blink you'd miss it. But quaint homes and laughing people at the local gas station greet a newcomer to Fort Fraser, B.C. The parking lot beside the hall was pretty full and I had my favorite companion along with me. She required shade and open windows. So I managed to "Go 4x4ing" with my Toyota Corolla! I eased my car in underneath a tall shady tree at the farthest part of the parking lot. My car was lopsided and looked like I was trying to climb the tree, but Rusty didn't care!

This fly hook is only one of dozens that decorate the border of this following quilt done by Debbie Petteplace. Its simply stunning This photo doesn't do this quilt justice.

When I saw this fish quilt I immediately fell in love with this one made by Debby Petteplace which she made for her son.

 I just loved the temperature in the hall, it was cool on such a hot day on May 13th!! That's slightly unusual in our northern hemisphere.

I had missed this spectacular full size quilt of total hand embroidery, wow, I had to take a close up and forgot to take a full shot, so I apologize to Debby Petteplace in advance. Her hand work is gorgeous!

I was so struck by the venue of carefully hung quilts, all beautiful that I forgot to buy some tickets for the door prize. Eager helper's at the entry table greeted me with enthusiasm and cheer.
I checked my tickets, none of mine had a red star on it, which indicated a winner of You Pick selection of gifts carefully prepared. 

Its really impressive to see the quality of work in organizing and quilt layout as well as the beauty of the quilting in Fort Fraser and just above everyone has grey hair.


Sybille Broten made and hand quilted this lovely old timer Clam Shell. Such careful and tight stitching of hand quilting.

This guild makes and donated hundreds of hand made quilts to the Prince George Regional Hospital I was told and this is a mere sample of that in the photo below.

This stripe fabric centerpiece made from triangles is quite Christmasy and calls to the spirit of winter time and is done again by Debby Petteplace. Who must be very proud of her entrants into this show.

So that was my little quilt show and I hope you liked it.

And this is my progress on one of my UFO's

This was the sunset last night, I barely got outside fast enough to catch the last bit of the sun setting behind Hudsons Bay Mountain in Smithers, B.C.

I'm linking up with other fine Canadian Quilters with WIP link.

Sew Fresh Quilts

And I just love to see all sorts of new stuff from Let's Be Social

Happy Quilting everyone!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Retro Revisit

I recently picked this book entitled "Quilts Among the Plain People" and I was refreshed by the way the Amish people seem to get along with each other. 

Quilting and sewing skills are taught in the early ages, where girls learn how to sew beside their Mother. I've always been attracted to this idea because of my own lack of learning from my own Mother. Its a wonder I turned out at all. Little encouragement for others can be found in the heart of a person suffering a mental illness. My mother was ill for all her life. 
That's the sad part and the part that all us kids didn't fall by the wayside says a lot for my sweet older sister. 

T-shirt quilt making for me started in the 1990's when I became very focused on reusing as much as I could. I decided that our used t-shirts required alternative uses from becoming automotive rags.

This article from the 1980's told of making t-shirts into quilts. I was hooked. Unfortunately this well before any thought of photos came to me to document.

I found this article about how some quilters strove to break free of traditional use of color. Then seeing this recent new patterned of Sujata Shaw's "Toran" so interesting how fusion of cultures recycle themselves.

This is my next quilt from "Cultural Fusion Quilts- A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions"

I'm off to do some work on a strip quilting project that stems from several months ago. Plus, when my back needs a good sit, I switch over to my ongoing scrappy Dresden's sewn by hand.

Most of the fabric's used in my recent Dresden Plates are retro from 1970's to the present time.

Here is a positive thought for today.

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies withing us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Quilting everyone, I'm having a blast and hoping your long weekend is awesome!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Butterfly Parade

We were out on walk and saw this spectacle on a recently fallen birch. I think they were drinking a liquid that was flowing very slowly. I think it must be butterfly wine.

Happy quilting everyone.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Quilt

I just love it when I get a special commission for a Mom. My client wanted a small lap quilt for her Mom for Mother's Day. The photo transfer via email were sent to me and then onto my special professional that makes photo transfers perfect that last a very long time.

I started with bordering each 11 x 8.5 inch Parent photo transfer with gold.

Then I bordered each of the children and grandchildren in red and set it all into a grey background.

I was playing around before the client picked it up and this is taken inside our RV.

I had some restrictions to color red, grey and blue, I added the gold and it was a good choice because the upper top area required something more fancy than the FAMILY name which was done in Gold.
I included the variation of square in a square to making it flashy, just a bit. 

And here is Mom and Daughter holding the beloved quilt. Thank you C.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New T- Shirt Quilt

A new commission is on my table. I truly love making t-shirt quilts. And this one a gecko in it. I intend to machine quilt this piece.

Happy Quilting to all my combined followers of over 400. Wow, thank you for seeing and reading valuable techniques. I follow several of you as well.

My UFO's are on the table for summer projects. Thank you for all the comments on what to do with my UFO pile. Some of you even emailed me personally. I'm taking all you advice.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hand Applique-Blind Stitch

Hand applique stitching with the time honored blind stitch. Its a stitch that my Gr. Eight Home Economics teacher, Miss Hepburn taught me along with many other girls.
The stitch is simple and clean. Once you learn to do the correct stitch length, you are off to the races. I take roughly a 1/8 in. Stitch each new stitch. From then on its just repeat. I use this stitch a lot and enjoy the memory too.

I find comfort in this little book of encouragement. I was given it last year and have been picking it up when I'm challenged to keep smiling while in pain.  My friends Dad has chronic pain and he found comfort in this book too.

Do you have memory of a great Home Ec. teacher?